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If you have already chosen the design with which you most identify, you may wonder if it is also the one that best suits your type of practice. Here is a brief summary:

  • Water and Fire: These mats offer the best grip you could wish for, both to the floor and with your body. You will get maximum performance and stability in the execution of any posture.
  • Earth: It allows you to develop a great flow in transitions, while maintaining a very high grip on the contact points. This is thanks to the design of the high-density cork surface, which increases its grip when your hands and feet get slightly damp with sweat. It feels so soft and pleasant to touch that you won’t want to put it away when you're done!
  • Air: Identical materials as the Earth mat, but 30% lighter. Ideal to take with you everywhere and enjoy the highest quality in every place you practice.

All our mats are designed to maintain their perfect functionality with intensive use for more than 2 years. The surfaces we use are more resistant to wear and abrasion than latex and plastics such as TPE or PVC. No irregularities are created in the material and no shavings or "pellets" are released.

Aesthetically, you can also prolong its appearance for a long time with simple care such as avoiding direct exposure to the sun for several hours or extreme temperatures, in the case of mats with Eco-PU surface. Our cork mats are particularly resistant to external conditions and require even less care, just be careful not to fold the cork as if it were a sheet of paper not to leave a mark.

At the end of the practice, we recommend you to let the sweat dry naturally, if there is any, and then roll it up from the bottom to the top (where we would rest our head when we lie down), with the surface always facing outwards. Store it in a place away from direct sunlight and with normal humidity levels.

All products are entirely designed in Spain by our team. The studies and tests of each material are also carried out by the two founders.

We are not content with avoiding the use of harmful plastics such as PVC or TPE. All our products, including packaging, are 100% recyclable and vegan, and 90% of the material we use is also natural, organic, biodegradable and renewable. To give you the most accurate information about each product, it is specified how they meet each of our 6 Eco indicators.

The base of our mats is made of 100% natural rubber, so it is quite normal to perceive the characteristic smell when unpacking the mat. This odour will disappear quickly with use and airing, no cleaning or treatment is required.

Our zafus have been tested in rigidity tests so that you can focus on your practice with maximum comfort and correct posture. However, if for any reason you wish to modify its behaviour you can contact us at and we will help you to get it to your likin


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